Hi, This is my new blog. It has been set up to better serve you with answers to questions that you might have about some of the products that we offer in our store. We will post suggestions on how to present some of these as gifts.

We also plan to submit some very healthy recipes to be served in or on the dinnerware, etc that we handle.

I am a former interior designer. I also have experience as a former antique dealer.  I have written several books and am in the process of formulating healthy recipes for a new book.

Please visit and leave comments as often as possible.







About Laura

Hi: I have worn many hats in my lifetime. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. I have had several very interesting professions and jobs. I have been a nurse's aid, secretary, bank teller, married college student, interior designer, antique dealer, farmer, shepherd, a writer of sheep care books and have managed and run one of the largest sheep related gift sites on the internet. What I learned from animal care has shown me how our environment and what we consume relates to our health. As a result, I am working on recipes for healthy eating. I am going to try several different posts related to a variety of subjects. I hope you will follow along. Post your questions or topics of interest.
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